Sesame Seeds – White (1kg)


5 AMAZING things about sesame seeds!

– Sesame seeds contain two special kinds of fiber: Sesamin and Sesamolin which help regulate cholesterol and prevent oxidative damage.

– They contain high levels of Phytosterols that can decrease cholestrol levels, increase immune response and decrease the risk of certains types of cancer.

– They carry many complex B-vitamins which have a direct impact of your energy levels, brain function and metabolism.

– Sesame seeds are extensively used in sacred rituals in India. They are are considered a symbol of immortality.

– Ayurveda recommends using sesame oil for a body massage to balance Vata dosha and help relieve stress.

Use them to garnish any of your meals, pump up your smoothies and put them in your bakes.

Weight 1 kg


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