Royal Canin Maxi Adult 5+ Dry Dog Food(15kg)


Your large breed dog (26-45kg) is maturing in years, and it brings about all sorts of health challenges. Royal Canin Maxi Adult 5+ is a dog food formulated for mature dogs over five years old. The recipe promises to protect your dog’s cells actively, and it contains an Anti-Age Complex.

Large breed dog’s age quicker than smaller dog breeds and their life expectancy is about ten years. After five years, they start showing the first signs of ageing:

  • Dull fur turning grey and rough
  • They get less mobile as their joints become more sensitive, and they might get arthritis.

Prevent premature ageing with a healthy, balanced diet containing nutrients to maintain vitality. Royal Canin Maxi Adult 5+ boasts high amounts of antioxidants to reduce cellular ageing. The chondroitin and glucosamine will help to support their fragile joints.

It is easy to look after your old friend. One-click online at Pet Hero and the right, supporting diet is on the table.


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