Montego Sauce Plus for Dogs -Joints and Cartilage(500ml)


Montego has brought out a sauce that is tasty and looks after your dog’s joints and Cartilage. Montego Sauce for dogs Plus range makes a delicious accompaniment to your furry friend’s daily dry food.

Montego Sauce for Dogs Plus – joint and Cartilage is a delicious chicken flavour and has added support for your furry friend, and it will give their dry food an extra oomph of deliciousness.

Montego Sauce Plus – Joint and Cartilage have added glucosamine to help maintain and repair cartilage and Chondroitin that combats and neutralizes destructive enzymes that break down tissues in joints.

Montego Sauce Plus – Joint and Cartilage have up to 30 mouth-watering servings. The sauce is great tasting to break the daily routine and is low in sugar so it will look after your dog’s weight.


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