Montego Classic Puppy Wet Food – Chicken & Rice(385g)


Montego Pet Nutrition Classic Wet food: flavoured with Delicious Chicken and softly cooked Rice for Puppies.

Montego Classic Wet Food, Delicious Chicken and softly cooked Rice for Puppies contain the right amount of nutrition your puppy needs for a healthy diet, e.g. protein, carbs, fibre, vitamins and minerals. It doesn’t contain any preservatives. It consists of offal (liver, lung and kidney) and fats (from chicken skin) and is, therefore, a great source of protein and has a high level of amino acids and essential fatty acids.

The ingredients are being emulsified and formed into little cubes, which makes it easier for the puppies to eat. The food is then mixed with a delicious sauce. The added rice is a good source of carbohydrate and is highly digestible. It gives the needed stamina and energy for growing puppies.

Montego Classic Wet Food for puppies can be given as a complete meal, or it can be mixed into dry food to encourage dogs, who do not have a taste for dry food, to have dry food as a daily meal.

  • Protein for strong muscles – Builds muscles and promotes healthy growth for ideal body condition and all-around performance.

  • Vitamin C and E for immune support – Added vitamins fight free radicals, developing strong immune systems and promoting daily cell renewal.

  • Fat for abundant energy – Extra fat gives puppies the necessary energy they need every day and nourishes their growing bodies.

  • Is available in 375g and 775g cans

Ingredients include:

Sufficient water for processing, meats and animal derivatives (Chicken min 10%), cereals (rice min 4%), fats and oils, thickening agents, sensory additives PLUS vitamins and minerals.


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