Cuthberts Roast Beef & Veggies Large Bites Dog Biscuits(1kg)


Crunchy oven-baked jumbo biscuit treats in a range of mouth wateringly decadent flavours that mimic the traditional tastes and smells of a farmhouse kitchen.

Ingredients Include:

Wheat and whole wheat flour, Animal Derivatives, Plant fats, Green beans and Carrots, Vitamins and Minerals, approved antioxidants.

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Now the scientists at Cuthbert’s have developed a coating for their nutritious, crunch treats which looks and tastes as good as chocolate, but does not contain any ingredients which we all know are harmful to dogs. Like all Cuthbert’s biscuits, they are handmade in South Africa with love and care before being topped with Icing. Cuthbert’s have added delicious flavours to the icing to make them IRRESISTIBLE!

Cuthbert’s Crunchy Oven Baked Biscuit Treats are the preferred treat because:

They are recommended by veterinarians

They are enriched with calcium, Vitamins and minerals

They help control tartar for clean, healthy teeth

They do not contain any artificial flavourants

They do not contain colourants

They do not contain preservatives

They do not contain unacceptable levels of selenium like other brands on the market


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