What is The Marina Co-Op and how does it work?

The Marina Co-Op is a primarlily a community run and funded grocery store providing community members with local, sustainable and essential groceries and household products.

Products are provided at supplier cost price. Memebership fees go towards covering the operational costs of the co-op and the service it provides. Additional projects and initiatives are funded by member donations and fund raisers.

The Co-Op’s foundational principle is to benefit, improve and uplift its local community and its members through projects and initiatives that are created, run and funded by its members.

What are our principles?
  1. Voluntary & Open Membership – Anyone can join a co-op—they don’t discriminate based on gender, social, racial, political or religious factors.
  2. Democratic Member Control – Members control the co-op business by deciding how it’s run.
  3. Member’s Economic Participation – All co-op members invest in their cooperative. This means people, not shareholders, benefit from a co-op’s profits.
  4. Autonomy & Independance – When making business deals or raising money, co-ops never compromise their autonomy or democratic member control.
  5. Education, Training & Information – Co-ops provide education, training and information so their members can contribute effectively to the success of their co-op.
  6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives – Co-ops believe working together is the best strategy to empower their members and build a stronger co-op economy.
  7. Concern For Community – Co-ops are community-minded. They contribute to the sustainable development of their communities by sourcing and investing locally.
What are our goals?
  1. To provide local, sustainable and essential groceries and household products at the lowest price available to its members.
  2. To create, contribute to and support projects and initiavites that are intended to uplift and improve the local community and its residents.
  3. To provide a platform to support and grow local businesses and community members.
Who runs the co-op?

The day to day operations are run by a small team of staff from the community but ultimately the co-op is run is by its members. Members have the ability to suggest new ideas and give input into the way the business is run, have equal vote in any important descions and can volunteer to contribute their time or services for ther improvement of the co-op.

As a member how do I offer my input?

Currently members can contribute their input by email or phone to our management team or at community meetings.

Members are also encouraged to vote on all descions which are held as polls on our Facebook group.